Journal of System Simulation ›› 2024, Vol. 36 ›› Issue (5): 1072-1080.doi: 10.16182/j.issn1004731x.joss.23-0007

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Research on Simulation Model of Double-layer Expansion Design of Expressway

Qiu Jiandong1,2(), Tang Yi2(), Ji Yuxiong1, Liu Heng2, Luo Junshao2   

  1. 1.Key Laboratory of Road and Traffic Engineering of the Ministry of Education, Tongji University, Shanghai 201804, China
    2.Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning Center Co. , Ltd, Shenzhen 518057, China
  • Received:2023-01-03 Revised:2023-03-08 Online:2024-05-15 Published:2024-05-21
  • Contact: Tang Yi;


Aiming at the problems that the traditional traffic simulation technology has insufficient evaluation accuracy and little application effect in the three-dimensional composite expansion scenario of expressway, a simulation model construction method for double-layer expansion design of expressway was proposed. The reconstruction and expansion project of Shenzhen Jihe Expressway is selected as the research object, the three simulation model modeling elements, including road network facilities, traffic demand data, and driving behavior model parameters, are sorted out, and the technical process of simulation modeling is proposed. The whole road network including key infrastructure such as interchange, toll station, ramp up and down will be simulated and modeled, and the travel OD matrix within the project scope will be obtained based on the traffic volume prediction model to complete the traffic demand modeling. The driving simulation technology is introduced to build the driving simulation scene of the three-dimensional composite expansion of the expressway, design and carry out the driving simulation test. The K-means clustering algorithm is used to divide the driving behavior into three categories: radical, conservative and normal, and the characteristics of the driving behavior are analyzed respectively, according to which the parameters of the simulated driving behavior model are calibrated to improve the accuracy of the simulation model. The simulation results show that the proposed simulation model construction method can effectively calibrate parameters such as expected speed, headway and critical clearance, thus improving the analysis accuracy of the simulation model.

Key words: expressway, double-layer expansion design, simulation model, VISSIM, driving simulation

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