• Aims and scope

    Journal of System Simulation, established in July 1989, is the transaction of the China Simulation Federation (CSF) and the top journal in the M&S  area in China. The journal is co-sponsored by Beijing Simulation Center and CSF. It is an authoritative and representative academic journal in the simulation technology field of China. Its main aims  are reporting research achievements reaching national or international leading levels and publishing research papers with innovative academic insights.

    The scope of this journal includes but is not limited to

    Expert Manuscript/Special Column


    Modeling Theory and Methodology

    Simulation Platform/System Technology

    Simulation Technology of Physical Effector & Simulator

    ◆ VV&A

    National Economy Simulation

    ◆ National Security Simulation


    Indexed in

    Core Journal of China

    Core Journal of Chinese Science Citation Database (CSCD)

    Source Journal for Chinese Scientific and Technical Papers and Citations


    Scientific Abstract (SA, INSPEC)

    High-quality Sci-tech Journal at Grade T2 in Computer Field

    High-quality Sci-tech Journal at Grade T3 in Aeronautics and Astronautics Field

    Candidate for High-quality Sci-tech Journals in Simulation Field

    World Journal Clout Index (WJCI) Report

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