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    Manuscript Requirement

    Manuscripts submitted to Journal of System Simulation should not have been published and will not be submitted or published elsewhere in English or any other language without the written consent of the publisher.

    The manuscripts should be in 2-column format. The writing style should be simple and straightforward, and the data should be reliable. Any undue self-appraisal must be abandoned. Manuscripts of low quality, of poor English writing or with tedious quotations will be rejected without review.

    Submitted manuscripts in any type of the following three are acceptable: Review, Paper, and Letter:

    (1) Review: Discussion and evaluation of the latest research achievements regarding the cutting-edge issues, interdisciplinary study, and high-tech innovation in the field of simulation science and technology and suggestions for future development.

    (2) Paper: Elaboration of major or important research achievement of simulation science, technology, or engineering in the field of system simulation. The achievement features innovativeness as a breakthrough and can boost the development of system simulation.

    (3) Letter: Brief description of excellent achievement in the research, development, and application of simulation science and technology. The achievement is of theoretical significance or reference value for application.

    The submission should include title, author information, abstract, keywords, Chinese library classification (CLC) number, introduction, main part, conclusion, and references. Four elements of objective, method, result, and conclusion are necessary for the abstract in which the innovation points (such as new theory, new insight, new technology, and new process) need to be marked in italics. At least 15 references are required, more than 70% of which should be published within 5 years.


    Process for Submission

    All prospective authors must submit their manuscripts electronically according to the following procedure:

    1) Please go to and follow the instructions to upload the manuscript. A new account should be registered for the first submission.

    2) The author will receive an email message acknowledging successful receipt of the submission and assigning a reference number to the submission.

    3) The author can inquire about the review status through email. If the manuscript needs some modification, the author will be informed by email.


    Peer Review

    Each published article will be reviewed by a minimum of two independent reviewers using a double-blind peer review process, in which the identities of reviewers and authors are kept hidden. Articles will be screened for plagiarism before acceptance.


    Post-acceptance Requirements

    1) After the manuscript is accepted, please upload the final manuscript according to the template of the journal (click here to download the template) and send the signed Copyright Transfer Agreement to by email.


    All authors must sign the Copyright Transfer Agreement before the article is published. This agreement enables the publisher to protect the copyrighted material for the authors without affecting the authors’ proprietary rights. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holder to reproduce any figures or other materials included in the article for which copyright already exists.

    2) Proofreading is indispensable before publication (the relevant process will be informed by email, which should be checked and dealt with in time), so please keep in touch.

    3) After the manuscript is published, remuneration will be paid, and 2 copies of the publication will be sent to the first author or corresponding author for free.

    4) When the mailing address, telephone number, or email address of the author(s) changes, please update it in time.



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